Homework for this weekend

By Monday, Oct 19th make sure to have the following finished:

1. Finish setting up your blog (change appearance, title, subtitle, add a link to the drawing1 blog, and add at least two posts with images from your drawings)

2. Finish your artist research. Print 10 images and be prepared to talk for 10 minutes. (images should be at least 1/2 page in color) See syllabus for more details.

3. Create your own still life at home that you will draw from. Set up at least 3-4 objects that are of interest to you. These objects should have some personal meaning to you. Arrange them in a way that is aesthetically appealing with a single, directed light source. Using your sketchbook paper make a finished drawing using two or more of the techniques we learned in class (smooth, hatching, cross hatching and/or stippling).

Make sure that you have all 11 values in this drawing and that the entire picture plane is activated. Take your time on this assignment and remember to spray it with an even coat of fixative before arriving to class.


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