Extra Credit Opportunities

Go to either this Byzantine Lecture at the AUB or the Beirut Art Center and write a one page paper to get extra credit. (See details below)

1. Attend this lecture on Wednesday, Oct. 28th and write a brief paper summarizing the talk. Give an opinion about a specific piece that relates to drawing and the lessons we have learned thus far. Due by Monday, Nov. 2nd.

FAAH LECTURE: Byzantine Animism, Materiality and Spirituality
28-OCT-09  4:00 pm
West Hall, Auditorium C (3rd floor)
Byzantium has long been considered immune to charges of idolatry. Yet careful study shows a strong animist impulse in the treatment of images and objects. This talk argues that the life of objects in Byzantium was far less tidy than has been believed.

2. Go see the show “America!” at The Beirut Art Center. Write a summary of the show and describe at least one piece that speaks to you. Talk about the relation between the chosen work and one of the things we have been discussing in classes. http://beirutartcenter.org/


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