Change for Monday, Section 1 and assignment for Wednesday for Section 2

Dear Class,
Because Maya Zankoul, the visiting artist, is going to do a lecture and a workshop for my other class on Wednesday at 3:30, I’ve asked her to do a lecture and workshop for you as well. She will be here on Monday (November 9th) from 1-3:30pm to give the talk and work with us.

That means that we will have to put off the final body and the drawing assignment until Wednesday.

For Monday, please bring the following to class:

1. Write a one page paper about a social or political issue that troubles you. This could be a personal story about when you have found yourself dealing with traffic, pollution, recycling, animal abuse, women’s identities, men’s identities, the war(s), death, economic hardship, etc. (look at Maya’s blog for more examples)
2. 5 “scenes” or thumbnails that will help illustrate this topic that you’ve chosen. During the workshop you will develop these drawings more fully, but think about which scenes from your story are important to show and how you can communicate your chosen theme.
3. Sketchbook, pens, markers, and pencils. If you have a laptop bring this as well.

P.S. Please forward this email to the other students in the class that have a personal email address. Please call each other to make sure that everyone knows about this change and comes prepared to class. You will really like her a lot!!


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