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Schedule and Final Project

Final Weeks of Drawing 1 Schedule

Monday December 14th – Finalize design of stencils and start cutting. HW – bring paint, old t-shirts and stencil on Wednesday to begin spraying.
Wednesday December 16th – Spray t-shits and *hopefully* wall! HW- Begin working on your final project proposal. Look at artists and begin research.
Monday December 21- Individual meetings with Prof. Hines to discuss final project ideas.
Wednesday December 23rd – Email of your final proposal by 8pm tonight. Your final proposal must include:
1. A thorough description of the work (at least one page detailing materials, timeline, budget, content, etc)
2. Post at least 10 drawings/sketches/thumbnails of the project
3. Send me a list of at least three influences (theories, ideas, people, artists, techniques, etc) that you will research for the piece.
4. If you are writing your own assignment, send me the handout. If you are answering the question “What do you ultimately value most,” send me your list.
Monday January 4th – Email check in. By 8pm tonight you must send me an email including:
1. At least three images of your final project in process
2. A a short description of the work, the changes and what has to be done on it to make it a finished project.
Wednesday January 6th – NO CLASS
Monday January 11th – Work Day – Bring all materials to work in class.
Wednesday January 13th – Work Day – Bring all materials to work in class — Final Blog Check
Monday January 18th – FINAL CRITS AND FOOD PARTY
Wednesday January 20th – FINAL CRITS AND FOOD PARTY

You have TWO options:
1. Do a piece that responds to the question, “What do you ultimately value most?”
2. Write your own assignment and carry it out as your final piece.
The final project should be at least 30 hours of work. Take your time with it. The content and materials are up to you.
When brainstorming for your piece think about the following:
• How long will this project take to complete? Make a timeline and follow it.
• Can I do this project alone, or will I need collaborators? Who will help?
• What will the finished product look like? Will it be more of a process piece?
• How will the work be documented? Video, photographs, writing, etc?
• Will this piece be a series? If so, how many pieces in the series?
• What size will the work be? Can you work on it in class? How will you deal with transportation?
• How will this work be displayed? If it is a performance or a video, how long will it be? Where will it be done? (The work has to be displayed in a professional manner for the final critique—think about it in terms of our classroom!)
• Are there specific artists that I can look at to help inspire me? Are there non-artists that would be better to look at?


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