Final Proposal


Project Title

1. Content – Why are you doing this project? Conceptually, where did it originate from? What is it about? What do you want it to convey?

2. Physical Description of the piece – What size will it be? What materials will be used? If it is a sculpture, will we walk around it? If it is a drawing or a 2D piece, will it be hung on the wall? Placed on the floor? If it is a perforamnce, how long will it be? Where will you show it? What will be the lighting situation?

3. Timeline – How much of the project will you have done by January? How many hours per day/week will you work on the project?

4. Budget– How much will the project cost? List out all materials that you will use and how much each one will cost. For example, your photographs — how big do you want to print them? where will you get them printed and how much will each one cost to print? will you frame them? how much will the frame cost? Tell me where you got the prices.

i. Photograph from my personal digital camera – 0$
ii. Two digital prints, each 10×14” (from Doculand) – 14$ (x2)
iii. Two wooden frames, custom made( from Books & Pens)- $25 (x2)
iv. Hanging device for back of frames (Books & Pens)- – $4 (x2)
v. 2 feet of wire for hanging frames from wall (Books & Pens)- – $3
TOTAL – $89

5. Research – what topics/artists/people/concepts will you research for this project? Will you interview your family members? Ask the bar tender how long the place has been there? Look up a specific photographer that shots in a similar style?

6. Sketches – Send me images of what you think it might look. Can be your own sketches, found images, or other relevant visual research.


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