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GREAT Semester!!

Dear Class!
Thanks for a fantastic class! Here are our group photos.

Remember that blogs are due by Wednesday, Jan. 27th.

I hope that I’ll see you around. Keep doing art and keep in touch!!!


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Final Critiques

Dear Classes,
Below is the schedule of final critiques. Remember, everyone should show up to both Monday and Wednesday classes whether they are presenting that day or not.

Also, please remember to bring some food or drinks to share with the class! We might as well enjoy our last critique with some food to comfort us. :c)

The due date for the blogs has been pushed back. I will now do a final check of the blog on Monday, January 25th. This will give you enough time to add the documentation of your final piece to the site. Please remember to bring your cameras to class so that you can photograph it when it is presented the way that you intended it.

Have a great weekend. I’m SO excited to see the projects!!

Section 1 – Hayat, Lara, Abir, Ali, Motaz, Mohamad, Kinda, Tatiana (?)
Section 2 – Nivine, Assaad, Ma’en, Jad, Seta, Rasha, Heba,

Section 1 – Hady, Shireen, Shawkat, Rami, Yasmine, Rhea, Kareem, Karine
Section 2 – Lara, Bassel, Chantal, Mirna, Aya, Louna

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