Required Materials: You may need a few additional materials as the semester progresses.

{Prices from City Stationary on Jean D’arc Street}

  • Blog. You will be creating a blog to document each assignment, share your process and work with others. It is essential that you document your work and let people see it. You will be graded on this blog. {FREE!}
  • Digital camera to document works. This can be a point-and-shoot camera, you do not have to own it, but be able to borrow a camera when needed. Should be at least 3 megapixels. There is a digital camera in the art department that you can use. (Some cell phones and laptops have cameras installed that will suffice). {$40-100}
  • Old book that you are willing to draw over. Should be at least 5×8”. This will serve as your sketchbook for the semester. Sometimes it is easier to work on a page that already has a design or words on it. Respond to the content of the book when sketching or choose to ignore it all together. Your choice. {FREE!}
  • Several old t-shirts. T-shirts you already own. Both plain and designed will suffice. Set aside at least 2 shirts that can be stenciled on. {FREE!}
  • 1 box of soft compressed charcoal (15 pieces) {11,775LL}
  • 1 packs vine charcoal (Willow Charcoal)  {10,000LL each}
    • I have several boxes of these to share with you.
  • Charcoal pencil {1,800LL}
  • Spray paint (two colors. TBA)
  • kneaded eraser(s) {800LL}
  • padlock for locker (optional)
  • 60cm metal ruler or larger {2,500LL}
  • exacto knife {5,000LL}
  • Artist’s fixative spray 400ml {13,500LL}
  • Sketch pad, size A3 or bigger AT LEAST 100 sheets, bound {10,000LL}