GREAT Semester!!

Dear Class!
Thanks for a fantastic class! Here are our group photos.

Remember that blogs are due by Wednesday, Jan. 27th.

I hope that I’ll see you around. Keep doing art and keep in touch!!!


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Final Critiques

Dear Classes,
Below is the schedule of final critiques. Remember, everyone should show up to both Monday and Wednesday classes whether they are presenting that day or not.

Also, please remember to bring some food or drinks to share with the class! We might as well enjoy our last critique with some food to comfort us. :c)

The due date for the blogs has been pushed back. I will now do a final check of the blog on Monday, January 25th. This will give you enough time to add the documentation of your final piece to the site. Please remember to bring your cameras to class so that you can photograph it when it is presented the way that you intended it.

Have a great weekend. I’m SO excited to see the projects!!

Section 1 – Hayat, Lara, Abir, Ali, Motaz, Mohamad, Kinda, Tatiana (?)
Section 2 – Nivine, Assaad, Ma’en, Jad, Seta, Rasha, Heba,

Section 1 – Hady, Shireen, Shawkat, Rami, Yasmine, Rhea, Kareem, Karine
Section 2 – Lara, Bassel, Chantal, Mirna, Aya, Louna

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Final Proposal


Project Title

1. Content – Why are you doing this project? Conceptually, where did it originate from? What is it about? What do you want it to convey?

2. Physical Description of the piece – What size will it be? What materials will be used? If it is a sculpture, will we walk around it? If it is a drawing or a 2D piece, will it be hung on the wall? Placed on the floor? If it is a perforamnce, how long will it be? Where will you show it? What will be the lighting situation?

3. Timeline – How much of the project will you have done by January? How many hours per day/week will you work on the project?

4. Budget– How much will the project cost? List out all materials that you will use and how much each one will cost. For example, your photographs — how big do you want to print them? where will you get them printed and how much will each one cost to print? will you frame them? how much will the frame cost? Tell me where you got the prices.

i. Photograph from my personal digital camera – 0$
ii. Two digital prints, each 10×14” (from Doculand) – 14$ (x2)
iii. Two wooden frames, custom made( from Books & Pens)- $25 (x2)
iv. Hanging device for back of frames (Books & Pens)- – $4 (x2)
v. 2 feet of wire for hanging frames from wall (Books & Pens)- – $3
TOTAL – $89

5. Research – what topics/artists/people/concepts will you research for this project? Will you interview your family members? Ask the bar tender how long the place has been there? Look up a specific photographer that shots in a similar style?

6. Sketches – Send me images of what you think it might look. Can be your own sketches, found images, or other relevant visual research.

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Schedule and Final Project

Final Weeks of Drawing 1 Schedule

Monday December 14th – Finalize design of stencils and start cutting. HW – bring paint, old t-shirts and stencil on Wednesday to begin spraying.
Wednesday December 16th – Spray t-shits and *hopefully* wall! HW- Begin working on your final project proposal. Look at artists and begin research.
Monday December 21- Individual meetings with Prof. Hines to discuss final project ideas.
Wednesday December 23rd – Email of your final proposal by 8pm tonight. Your final proposal must include:
1. A thorough description of the work (at least one page detailing materials, timeline, budget, content, etc)
2. Post at least 10 drawings/sketches/thumbnails of the project
3. Send me a list of at least three influences (theories, ideas, people, artists, techniques, etc) that you will research for the piece.
4. If you are writing your own assignment, send me the handout. If you are answering the question “What do you ultimately value most,” send me your list.
Monday January 4th – Email check in. By 8pm tonight you must send me an email including:
1. At least three images of your final project in process
2. A a short description of the work, the changes and what has to be done on it to make it a finished project.
Wednesday January 6th – NO CLASS
Monday January 11th – Work Day – Bring all materials to work in class.
Wednesday January 13th – Work Day – Bring all materials to work in class — Final Blog Check
Monday January 18th – FINAL CRITS AND FOOD PARTY
Wednesday January 20th – FINAL CRITS AND FOOD PARTY

You have TWO options:
1. Do a piece that responds to the question, “What do you ultimately value most?”
2. Write your own assignment and carry it out as your final piece.
The final project should be at least 30 hours of work. Take your time with it. The content and materials are up to you.
When brainstorming for your piece think about the following:
• How long will this project take to complete? Make a timeline and follow it.
• Can I do this project alone, or will I need collaborators? Who will help?
• What will the finished product look like? Will it be more of a process piece?
• How will the work be documented? Video, photographs, writing, etc?
• Will this piece be a series? If so, how many pieces in the series?
• What size will the work be? Can you work on it in class? How will you deal with transportation?
• How will this work be displayed? If it is a performance or a video, how long will it be? Where will it be done? (The work has to be displayed in a professional manner for the final critique—think about it in terms of our classroom!)
• Are there specific artists that I can look at to help inspire me? Are there non-artists that would be better to look at?

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Written Word in Public Space

As we begin our graffiti project it might help to look at this poem, written for the public art that has been erected around Beirut lately.
For extra credit, read the poem, think about it and respond to it in the form of a written essay or performed poem.

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Critique and Food

Monday, Dec. 7th we’ll critique your urban landscapes while we share food and drinks! Bring your favorite food or beverage (non-alcoholic!!) to share with the rest of us!

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Upcoming extra credit opportunities and more

Dear Class. There are several things coming up that you should go to, not only to get extra credit, but to help you on the graffiti project and final project we are working on.

1. Wednesday, Decemeber 3rd there is a book signing at Librarie Antione in the ABC Mall for a book on graffiti art called, “Marking Beirut: A City Revealed Through it’s Graffiti” at 6pm. [See copied information below]

2. Wednesday, Decemeber 2nd at the Beirut Art Center there is a film screening that could be interesting to go to:
Around America VI
Born in Flames by Lizzie Borden – Film Screening
Wednesday December 2, 2009 at 8 pm – Entrance: 3 000 LL
Born in Flames
1983, 80 minutes, color, sound, English
Courtesy of First Run Features

Set in America ten years after the Second American Revolution, Born In Flames is a comic fantasy of female rebellion. When Adelaide Norris, the founder of the Woman’s Army, is mysteriously killed, a seemingly impossible coalition of women- crossing all lines of race, class, and sexual preference- emerges to blow the System apart. In a series of thrilling and often humorous encounters between groups of women ranging from militant black lesbians to white punk feminist musicians, Born in Flames covers a wide range of radical feminist ideas.

3. Wednesday, December 9th we will be having a guest lecturer in class, Tarek Chemaly. He has put together a book, Archewallogy, that chronicles the graffiti work throughout Beirut from 2005-2009.

4. Thursday, December 10th, video artist Roy Samaha (instructor of our new Video Course for next semester!) will be lecturing in Nicely Hall room 409 at 5pm.


Finally, the time has come. Marking Beirut, A City Revealed Through its Graffiti, by Tala F. Saleh will be out soon and this is to inform you of the launch and book singing!

Brief about book:

In May 2008, with the political crisis in Lebanon unsolved for over 3 years, Lebanese political leaders, after having a reached an agreement in Doha, Qatar, ordered the removal of all political signs from the streets of Beirut in an attempt to ease tension. As a result, this book is now a rare document of an important era in Lebanese history.

Marking Beirut – a city revealed through its graffiti is a derivative of the “Project de Diplôme” of Tala Saleh completed in her graphic design studies at the American University of Beirut. As a Saudi student living in Lebanon, she called her initial research: “A visual reading of the city of Beirut through the stencils on her walls, an outsider’s view of an internal struggle”.

Marking Beirut has 160 pages of analytical information, graphically, in writing, and in charts. The introduction is a very delicate and personal perception of the subject. 14 articles are written in a manner where there’s no direction or order – any of them could be read independently. There are also 8 sheets of stencils so readers could experience hand-on the use of stencils. The book is basically a bounded stack of 88 thick cards where every page could be the cover.

Tala hopes that this book takes every reader on a journey through Beirut that is as overwhelming, striking, exhilarating, and eye opening as it was for her. For this reason, it was carefully designed to be as interactive as possible to enhance this “experience sharing”.

The Event:

The book signing will be held at Librairie Antoine in ABC Mall, Achrafieh, in Beirut, Lebanon
on Dec the 3rd, 2009 @ 6:00pm

* refreshments and finger foods will be served
* limited promotional material will be available for purchase at launch only

For those of you whom I do not have on facebook, please join the group Marking Beirut.
If you do not use facebook, please stay tuned for email updates on the website, should be up and running by next week.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement

Tala F. Saleh

PS: Please feel free to circulate this email to whomever.
Thank you.

Tala Saleh
Freelance Graphic Designer
Mob: +9665 05866063 / +9613755154

—— End of Forwarded Message

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